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Home pregnancy test kit is one of the best sources of pregnancy testing at home. Like all pregnancy tests, a home pregnancy test kit measures the level of HCG hormone in a woman’s body. This hormone is released in great quantity soon after implantation and is best checked a day after missed period.


Pregnancy test kit

Typical features of a home pregnancy test kit

  • It checks for the HCG hormone to confirm pregnancy.


  • Pregnancy testing at home by way of home pregnancy test kits can help a woman know if she is pregnant at least 2 weeks after ovulation or soon after she misses the first period after intercourse.


  • It is easy to use.


  • It gives quick results. Most home pregnancy test kits give the result within 5-10 minutes.


  • It helps a woman to get antenatal care as soon as possible.


  • It helps a woman to know whether she is pregnant or not without having to go to a doctor i.e. within the confines of her home.


  • The home pregnancy test kit contains a test device, a disposable dropper, instruction manual and desiccant.


  • Home pregnancy test kit may me of two types, one which uses a test strip or dipstick that is to be held in the urine stream or dipped in a container of urine. A part of the dipstick or test strip changes colour implying whether you are pregnant or not. Another type of home pregnancy test kit is one in which a few drops of urine are dropped on the well of the test device or the device is dipped into a cup of urine. The colour of a part of the test device changes to imply whether you are pregnant or not. The latter may also show results in the form of lines or signs.


  • The accuracy of the test kit depends on the sensitivity of the test device to the HCG hormone. The most accurate home pregnancy test kit is one that can detect 20-15 mIU/ml of the HCG hormone. Moreover, the accuracy of the test kit varies from woman to woman because: the date of the menstruation and ovulation cycles can change every month, the exact day when the fertilised egg implants itself in the womb is not known and these test kits can be easily bought over the counter and are inexpensive compared with other methods of pregnancy testing at home.


Pregnancy test kit


How to know whether you are pregnant or not at home

When a woman is hoping to get pregnant, nothing beats the joy of the news of pregnancy. But it’s doesn’t happen on its own, neither can you pay a weekly visit to your doctor. So how to know whether you are pregnant or better to say how to confirm pregnancy at home? Well, the answer lies in home pregnancy tests.

Homemade pregnancy tests are carried out to identify pregnancy by using unorthodox methods and common household items.  The most effective and trustable of them all is the modern pregnancy test kit that is easily available over the counter.


All you have to do is follow the directions on the packaging and the kit will tell you if you are pregnant. But some women tend to avoid asking for a pregnancy kit at a medical store. Generally adolescent pregnancy or financial problems are the common reasons why some women prefer homemade tests. Here are some known ways to know if you are pregnant.



Dandelion leaves

This is the most well-known homemade pregnancy test. Firstly, collect some dandelion leaves from the plant stem and put these leaves on a plastic sheet kept on floor, ensuring no direct sunlight fall on them. The tester has to urinate on the leaves such that these get saturated completely. Now, after some time check if leaves get blisters. The appearance of reddish blisters indicates pregnancy.


Using bleach

Bleach, a cleansing chemical, is an important element for testing pregnancy by homemade method. In this test, urine of the tester is mixed in a small quantity of bleach.  If the mixture produces bubbles or bleach starts to fizz then it indicates pregnancy.

Test with wheat and barley

This is an ancient Egyptian method of homemade pregnancy test. Wheat and barley seeds are soaked in urine and left for some time to grow. If wheat seeds grow it indicates the new born would be a girl while growth in barley seeds would be an indication for a baby boy. The test helps to indicate both pregnancy and gender. This method was used by Egyptian women.


Pinesol for pregnancy test

Pine sol, is used as a cleansing product and lubricating agent, prepared from essential oils. Homemade pregnancy test can be done using it. This method also involves mixing of urine with pine sol sample. Appearance of any variations in the pine sol would simply indicate pregnancy.

After conceiving, the pregnancy hormone is released in women. The hormone starts to circulate within 24 hours of getting pregnant which can be detected in urine sample. After duration of six or more days of conception, the hCG hormone starts to release. The hormone can be detected only after eight days of conception. Keep testing till you get the final results.

However, if possible, try to use a pregnancy kit from a trusted brand and follow the guidelines mentioned on the packaging to get the most accurate results of pregnancy in the comfort of your home. Or better schedule an appointment with your doctor for sure results.

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