Causes of unhappy sexual life for men

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It is a popular notion that growing age decreases the desire in men to have an active and satisfying sexual life. It, however, is not true. Growing age can be one of the factors for unsatisfied sexual life, but there are other reasons, which result in unhappy sexual life for men. Some of the potent reasons behind unhappy sexual life for men are mentioned below:


Loss of Libido (sex drive)


Loss of libido in men is uncommon when compared with women though erectile dysfunction in men is a more common problem compared with other sexual problems that occur in women.  Loss of libido does not mean that the ability to have sex has diminished in a man, but that the desire for it does not exist anymore. Low libido or loss of libido can be linked to certain physiological, emotional and psychological causes, but unhappy sexual life or relationship cannot be avoided. Physiological reasons for loss of libido can be alcoholism, drug abuse, obesity (a major factor), anaemia, low testosterone (a very rare cause) or diabetes. Some emotional or psychological reasons can be depression, stress, overstrain, unwholesome childhood memories, relationship issues with the partner and sexual orientation problems.

Unhappy sexual life in men

Erectile Dysfunction—ED

With growing age, impotence (also known as erectile dysfunction or ED) in men becomes more common. Impotency means the loss of ability to have and sustain an erection for sexual intercourse. Due to impotency, men take more than usual time to get an erection. Erection does not necessarily mean that it may be as firm or as large as it used to be. After orgasm, the loss of erection can be quick. Another erection may take longer than the first. Erectile dysfunction is not a severe problem, especially not that there is a  prevalence of advanced medical science, but if it occurs often, you should consult a doctor for proper guidance.


Emotional Imbalance 


Emotional imbalance in relationship or in family can also be a cause of unhappy sexual life. Dissatisfaction in a relationship can cause stress, infidelity, frustration etc that in turn influences sexual life. Emotional upheavals due to family problems or death of a loved one are some other common causes of disturbed sexual life in men. When a man goes through emotional turbulence, his interest in sexual life reduces. He cannot connect to the intimacy, love and passion involved in lovemaking.



Some illnesses, disabilities, ailments, medicines and surgeries can affect men’s ability or desire to have and enjoy sex. Diseases such as diabetes cause erectile dysfunction in some men, a strong reason to have unhappy or dissatisfied sexual life.  Disorders such as incontinence (loss of bladder control or leaking of urine), sometimes, develop with age, thereby making sexual intercourse difficult as extra pressure on the belly during intercourse can lead to a loss of urine, thereby killing the desire of having sex. Incontinence can be avoided by changing your positions. Incontinence can be effectively treated by taking medical help.

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