What snoring means for moms-to-be

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The most common cause of snoring in women is weight gain and also pregnancy. Snoring which occurs as a result of an obstructed airway is often a condition women develop after getting pregnant for the first time in their life.




Several studies have revealed that only about 4 percent of women snored before pregnancy. Increased levels of estrogen during pregnancy is the culprit behind this irksome habit, particularly for the partners. Many conditions can lead to snoring during pregnancy.



Narrow airways


A woman’s upper airways are narrower during pregnancy compared with postpartum or with the control group. What is even more revealing is the fact that these measurements were taken when the women were awake. During sleep, the airways tend to become narrower. The systolic blood pressure of women increases as the airways get narrower. That is why snoring women tend to be more at risk of preeclampsia.




Pregnant women’s weight

There is a link between snoring and pregnant woman’s weight. The women who snore have been found to have higher weight prior to becoming pregnant. This also reflects in the fact that snoring pregnant women have higher neck circumference, which is one centimetre more than those who do not snore.



Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)


A small number of pregnant woman snore due to this medical condition. It causes abnormal disturbances in breathing during pregnancy. OSA during pregnancy has also been linked to preeclampsia and gestational hypertension.


Snoring during pregnancy has serious social and medical ramifications and thereby, should not be ignored. Women should be made to relax by reaffirming that the process can be reversed. You just need to take appropriate treatment if needed. Recent researches carried out by Scottish researchers from the University of Edinburgh revealed that 41 percent women are likely to snore in the last trimester of pregnancy compared with only 17 percent in the first trimester.




The simplest way to reduce snoring is to sleep on one side but this does not help all the women. In some extreme cases, treatment for the narrow airways which involves mandibular advancement devices or positive airway masks can be used. The hormonal changes during pregnancy bring about a lot of changes and snoring is one of the commonly expected ones. If you want to avoid snoring, it is advisable to keep yourself fit before conceiving.

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