What Actually is Tobacco ??

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Tobacco leaf grow in almost every type of soil.Lighter soils will generally produce lighter colored tobacco,while darker soil produce darker colored tobacco.It grows in a climate that's dry and warm (20-30 C). A low-chlorine fertilizer which only contains nitrogen in nitrate form. Those which are used for tomatoes,potatoes are also sutiable. Topping(Removal of Terminal/centre bud) is done to allow the upper leaves to get larger and thicker.Flower should also be removed for obtaining the broadest tobacco leaves possible.


Tobacco is being used in our society from ancient time. It has been used in it's different purpose like- chewing, smoking etc. On the development of modern medical knowledge and various research related to tobacco and health, it has known that tobacco is injurious to health. Tobacco is a cancer causing agent and can cause various respiratory diseases.


Despite of having some surprising benefits of tobacco, its huge negative aspects have suppressed over little positive aspects. Having its importance in Commercial and Economical aspects of a country, it has great value in the field of agriculture itself. The cultivation of tobacco is seems to be beneficial to the other crops also.


Some of the farmers have practiced the cultivation of tomatoes/potatoes along with tobacco. And it has been a very useful in increasing the productivity of tomatoes. It is because some of harmful insect that are common in both are attracted towards the tobacco plant while other insects are repelled from the field. i.e.; tobacco is itself a great insect repellent .It's smell and chemical composition helps in insect repellent behavior.


Tobacco's uses in our kitchen garden

In our different vegetables, fruit trees tobacco can be used as insecticide and pesticide which might decrease the cost of production and is economically beneficial.


® Aphid Control

-Prepare a mixture of 1 cup powdered garlic

- 1c compost

-1c tobacco (organic preferably)

  Blend this mixture into soil around base of aphid infested plant


® Peach tree borers

® Leaf roller

-Use a mixture of tobacco dust, Pyrethrus powder (dried pyrethrum flower crumbled into powder) and make solution to spray on leaf roller.


® Garden centipede

- Apply on the soil with a mix of water, garlic and tobacco. Caution-This is very fowl smelling, but potent combination.


® Gophers and moles

® Spiders

- Boil 1 gallon of water and drop a package of chewing tobacco into the water and allow to cool. Once cooled, spray  around the Yard.



Other Medicinal Purpose

ᶱ According to the article published in 1995 in Neuroscience 7 Biobehavioral reviews, it postulate that-nicotine found in cigarette reduce psychiatric, cognitive, sensory and physical effect of schizophrenia and also provide relief of common side effect from antipsychotic drugs.

ᶱ Nicotine itself appears to be an anti-inflammatory agent.

According to the "journal of American Medical Association", those that suffer from mental disorder such as ADHD/ADD, Schizophrenia and other disorder may experience positive effect from smoking.

ᶱ Indian used tobacco as a pain reliever for ear aches,tooth aches.

ᶱ Used in tooth paste

-Sushil Pokhrel

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